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About The Grand Kabaret

The Kabaret's modern design housed in the historic beauty of the Grand Hotel redefines what it means to be German-themed, with an atmosphere that is both interesting and fun, yet comfortably relaxed - making it the perfect place for a night out with family or friends.

The Grand was recently rated "Best in the Midwest" by Midwest Living. The Grand also was featured in Minnesota Monthly. Click here to read more.

"The Grand Kabaret Live Arts Entertainment Series" has been made possible in part by the Grand Center for Arts & Culture of New Ulm and their 2011 grant award from Prairie Lakes Regional Art Council and the Minnesota Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund.

This activity is made possible by a grant provided to the Grand Center for Arts & Culture by Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council from the Minnesota Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund as appropriated by the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.

Though the event calendar currently lists primarily live music performers, The Grand Kabaret is committed to the continued development and expansion of its performance art offerings.

Possible event ideas include drama, spoken word performances, literature/poetry readings, and more. Stay tuned for event calendar additions and updates! Or email us with your suggestions for improving the performing arts entertainment at The Grand Kabaret.

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Coming To The Grand...

Music begins at 7:30PM each Friday and Saturday night.

January 20

Open Mic Night

Join us for our monthly Open Mic Night at The Grand Kabaret hosted by Dave "Ocho" O'Connell. Whether you are an open mic regular, performing for the first time, or hankering to enjoy a selection of local performers, there's something for everyone!

January 21

The Porchlights

The Porchlights were founded at the bend of the Minnesota River near Mankato. They play half original music and half altered cover songs in the style of vocally-driven acoustic rock and blues. They are in favor of river forging, moonlit walks about town, intricate discussion, fine ales and wines, the occasional tumbler o’ whiskey, spermaceti candles, free range poultry, well-trained dogs, tall boots, short lectures, higher learnin’, lower ebbing, the Renaissance, and Rivers Cuomo. They don't care for bullshit. Their founding members are Nate LeBoutillier, Mandy Robbins, Jason Miller, and Travis Friedrichs.

January 27

*Ticketed Event* - ACROBELLY JAM

Acrobelly Jam is a collaborative performing arts group that produces inspiring live music and dance productions in the Greater Mankato area. This performance at the Grand Kabaret features "Church of Burlesque", "The North Polers", Ocho & "Satori Violet Belly Dance".

The North Polers are a group of aerial dancers. They have choreographed their way to pole art performances that dazzle and defy gravity around the Mankato region. Co-founder, Betty, has been recognized for her choreography and technique, winning a level 2 silver medal at the Central States Pole Championship in 2014.

Satori Violet Belly Dance Company, as seen at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, has developed a unique choreographic style, which often includes storytelling and borrows from many global dance forms. They also have their own improvisational dance language which leads to a varied performance every time. They can't wait to share what they love the most with you!

Call, e-mail, or stop by our office to reserve tickets:

507-359-9222 | | *Ask for James

Members: $8.00

Nonmembers: $10.00

January 28

Steve V. & The Knockouts

Steve Vonderharr is a blues player with heart. He plays and sings with the kind of passion and character that is rarely displayed by musicians of any persuasion. Steve V.'s harmonica work is both assertive and sensitive, seamlessly moving through a range of emotion and skill. His playful demeanor and his compassion for people and music make him a class act. It's a show you don't want to miss!

February 3

Ace In The Whole

Ace in the Whole plays American music and original tunes that range from bluegrass, blues, jazz, folk and western. Members include Tim Waters on guitar/banjo/pedal steel, Mike Pengra on percussion, Dave Pengra on bass, and Kit Kildahl on guitar/harmonica.

February 4

Prince Leia

Prince Leia is Park Evans (guitar), Josh Granowski (bass), and Rick Nair (drums). The trio sells unique reggae, dub, jazz, funk and blues improvisations.

February 10

Amy Manette Trio

The Amy Manette Trio plays jazz, blues, swing and modern. The group is fronted by powerful, soulful singer Amy Manette Kuch. Ed (Doc) Thorpe plays piano and pop and jazz organ. Marvin Topp is Amy’s percussionist and also sings.

February 11

DD & Roscoe

DD & Rosco is a two-piece band that incorporates acoustic guitar, banjo, and vocals in cover songs and original music. Music includes a combination of ghostly folk and raw country. Danielle and Ross Deopere are a sibling pair from Cambria, Minnesota. DD & Rosco was formed in October of 2014, although the two have played music together for many years before that.

February 17

Ron Arsenault & Dave Pengra

Pengra and Arsenault will return to the Grand. This duo hails from Mankato and St. Peter and they play in a number of bands, including the Lost Walleye Orchestra, City Mouse and the Blitz Boys. Dave Pengra plays acoustic bass and Ron Arsenault plays acoustic and electric slide guitar.

February 18

The Frye

The Frye returns to the Grand! They are a little acoustic duo with a big sound, a songwriting team that draws on 1970s pop, rock and country for inspiration. The Frye merges original material with great covers for unforgettable nights. Members include Joe Tougas and Ann Fee.

February 24

Open Mic Night

Join us for a monthly Open Mic Night at The Grand Kabaret hosted by Dave "Ocho" O'Connell. Whether you are an open mic regular, performing for the first time, or hankering to enjoy a selection of local performers, there's something for everyone!

February 25

*Ticketed Event* - ACCIDENTAL HERO

The Accidental Hero is a multi-media one-man show about a WWII American officer who miraculously liberates the Czech villages of his grandparents. It's a true story, written and performed by his grandson.

Patrick Dewane's grandfather refused to talk about his service in the war. Yet when he died, his basement yielded a treasure trove of typewritten accounts, photos and rare film footage.

Dewane brings this archival material to glowing life as an enthralling, humorous and heartwarming tale of miraculous escapes and astonishing coincidences. This touching show runs from belly laughs to tears. Dewane takes on a dozen different roles as he powerfully recounts his grandfather's journey from Omaha Beach, the Battle of the Bulge, and the end of WWII. In the last week of the war, Konop's story turns away from a soldier's survival tale to something from mythology. He discovers his lost identity, embraced by the tribe he never knew. Like Luke Skywalker, Konop thought he was just fighting the Evil Empire, in this case the Nazis. But unlike Skywalker, this story is true. His was an epic homecoming. As he freed the Czechs, they liberated him.

Call (507) 359-9222 to order tickets using a card, or stop by the office at 210 N. Minnesota St. in New Ulm to pay and pick up tickets!

$8 Members

$12 Nonmembers

March 3


March 4

The Minnesota Barking Ducks

For over 30 years the Fabulous Minnesota Barking Ducks have brought a driving, diverse, blues-based music to the Twin Cities and all points in between. Mic McCormick has been with the band since its inception and has forever silenced crowds with his phenomenal, oh-so-tasty guitar. The "new" members have been Ducks for a little less than a decade. Ed Dunn plays bass and sings. Ed is intense, and plays deep in the pocket, Kit Kildahl sings and plays guitar and occasional harp. Kit has known Mic since '75, when he was playing with the Dust Bowl Blues Band and Ace in the Whole.

These guys have a lot of music to draw on, so the result is a wide-ranging songlist--blues of course; but also rock, R & B, and jazz standards like "Fly Me to the Moon".

March 10

Barefoot Wonder

T Bruce Bowers and Ric Gillman are quite a pair. With almost a century of musical experience between them, they bring a wide variety of flavors to the table. From Doc Watson guitar picking, to blazing Led Zeppelin electric violin, it’s a banquet every night. Always interesting, and sometimes down right unpredictable, each performance is an adventure.

March 11

Ben Marti Jazz Trio

Ben Marti Jazz Trio is a Jazz Trio of Piano, Bass and Trumpet but will often add Tenor Saxophone and Drums as well as a vocalist to expand the possibilities of the group. The Ben Marti Jazz Trio plays Jazz standards, Pop and Show tunes, in every style from Dixieland to Modern Jazz. We can cultivate our performance to the desire of the host we are performing for.

March 17

Doug Otto & The Getaways

Doug Otto & The Getaways are known for playing the classic country and blues music of the old greats as well as their own compositions. They began to take root in Minneapolis in 2005 possessing a wide-ranging repertoire that is sure to bring you up! They create a sound that is introspective and melancholy, as well as upbeat, danceable and celebratory. Doug Otto: guitar/vocals, Chris Gray: drums/vocals, Albert Perez: guitar, Eric Struve: bass

March 18

Pushing Chain

Pushing Chain, a folky-tonk duo from Minnesota’s north shore, will be coming to The Grand Kabaret as part of a midwest tour. Pushing Chain features Boyd Blomberg on guitar and vocals and Adam Moe on the fiddle and vocals.

They play original songs, covers of classic artists like Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, and Nina Simone, and some fresh new takes on old folk songs. The duo features tight harmonies and a gonzo approach that keep their performances fresh and exciting.

March 24

Open Mic Night

Join us for a monthly Open Mic Night at The Grand Kabaret hosted by Dave "Ocho" O'Connell. Whether you are an open mic regular, performing for the first time, or hankering to enjoy a selection of local performers, there's something for everyone!

March 25

Charlie Roth Duo

Americana, Folk, Blues, Country, Celtic, Charlie Roth is a unique blend of all these genres. What Charlie is best at is telling a story with his rich baritone vocal, acoustic guitar, rack harmonica, and foot percussion. He has recorded with the likes of Sam Bush, Michael Bland and other American legends. A consummate showman, an entertainer with countless gigs under his belt, Charlie has mastered the art of playing and singing from his heart, exuding the sheer joy of making great music which can be felt by everyone who is connected to that magical and medicinal spiritual grace.

March 31

Captain Gravitone

Captain Gravitone plays Americana Folk Rock, infused with Tango and Jazz, one of the many great, new bands coming from Minnesota. The group's superhero, Captain Gravitone, tangos in big box stores, beautiful women clad in leather, beat poets, elephants, philosophy majors, the circus and parallel universes come to life in the group's compositions. The sound is fun, sometimes moody, with a distinct sense of humor reminiscent of Tom Waits, Frank Zappa and Bela Fleck. The group features Eli Hoehn on banjo, Wayne Schmidt on the electric guitar, Corban Noah on electric bass, Damen Price on drums and a host of other musicians that lend their talents to the group on an occasional basis including vocalist Kelly Quinn, violinist Karen Kozak, guitarist/vocalist Mark Bishofsky, guitarist/vocalist Jason Helder, percussionist Daryn Christensen, and bassist Bill Grenke.