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The Grand

Artscape Accepted Works

We had a wonderful turn out for our annual Artscape juried show! A big thank you to all of the artists that submitted. Over 120 pieces were submitted, but unfortunately there is only so much room in the gallery. Here is a list of the accepted works:
Jessica Roberts: Untitled
Naomi Shanti: “Essence” The Tattooed Woman, Vietnam
Jason Jaspersen: The Good Shepherd, Maida, Wanda
Karrey Tweten: The Bass Player
Pearl Ziegenhagen: Cascading Grapes
David Olson: Black Dress, Fur Hat, Ken
Leo Derkowski: Palisades I, Three Black Shapes: What Lies Beneath?
Kaitlyn John: The Winding Pond
Jose Garibay: The Venerable Pugette, Fear Not / The Step, Mr. Zy the Original Gentle Pug
Megan Irwin: Get Lost – Prime, Get Lost - Ante
Anna Biedenbender: Interaction I, II, & III
Christy Schwartz: Tren Italia I, II, & III
Cathy Broebner: Fall Mist
June Newburg: Antonio & Claudio’a Ristorante, Toys in the Attic, When In Rome
Steven Heeriot: Emma’s Finds
Not Named: The Art of Flower Arranging I
Erin Grunke: Flower Petal
Rachel Tacke: Puddles
Charles Eaggot: Corpse Flower, Toxic Vision, Requiem
Nicholas Schlief: The Merciless Nature of Time, Raise the Flag, Set the Sun, By Any Means
Triah Meyer: Puddle Jumping
G. Tostenson: Lime Valley Cottenwood
Richard THeissen: Autumn Reflections, Spring Fling
Susan Beck: Crazy Quilt
Dan Stark: Butterfly Delight, Critterscape
Anne Klinkner: 3D Parody
Karen Peters: My Protector
Julie Ann Quinn : Sandhill Crane
John White: Prairie Ribbon, Sumac Autumn
Maurice Yarnold: Richmond, Yorkshire, Old Congregational Church
Ruth Lindeman: Black Tulips, Fall Mosaic
Martha Elchert: Hubbard Carriage House, Cinque Terra Cafe
Aaron Beck: The Rockies
Lisa Bierer: It All Adds Up
Melody Mickelson: Fog
Cierra Krenz: Grimms Day Offering
Larissa Leshovsky: Trees along the River
Angela Timm: Fleur De Lis
Sandra Adams: Reflections
Deb Groebner: Nocks & Coses, Water Cycle
Carol Edwards: Night Reflection
Make sure to come check out the show on Friday, November 13th at 7:00!

Next Exhibit:
Nicholas Schleif's "The War of Art"

Showing October 2nd - 23rd

Come enjoy free wine, good company, and great art!

Show Opens October 2nd at 7:00 pm!

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The Grand Center for Arts & Culture (GCAC) is offering Studios to rent for artists seeking affordable space to create, The Music Practice room is rentable by the hour for music/voice lessons and an Art Education space for Classes & Workshops.

Past, Present & Future

Over 150 years old, The Grand Hotel is a beautiful, historic 3-story building located in downtown New Ulm. The first hotel in the city, the Grand (then known as the Minnesota Haus) was built in 1856 by Phillipp H. Gross.

For more information on the Grand Hotel and New Ulm check out our Placeography.