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The Grand


Please join us for the 6th annual New Ulm ArtScape Juried Art Show!

ArtScape Flyer 2014

ArtScape Juried Art Show Regulations and Specifications

Juried Show Entry Form


Thank you to all of the ArtScape participants! The opening reception will be held Friday, November 14th from 7pm-9pm. Prizes will be awarded and voting for people's choice will begin!

Robyn Sand Anderson-"Magnum Mysterium"

Lisa Bierer-"So Blows the Wind"

David Bratzel-"Harvest Shadows"

Jason Brown-"Catch With the Right, Win With the Left"

Jo Bunting-"Deer"

Jeremy Burger-"Fire Bird"

Shelley Cords-Swanson-"Negativity"

Jennifer Descarrega-Untitled

Charles Eggert-"Reflections on Fibonacci"

Charles Eggert-"Winter Walk II"

Jose V. Garibay-"Mark of the Prince"

Jose V. Garibay-"Spread Those Wings Proud Icarus and Learn to Fly"

Elaine Hagen-"Leaves in the Light"

Annette Hartzell-"It's Open"

Lance Hartzell-"Checkerboard Pot"

Lance Hartzell-"Chevron Pot"

Justin Hicks-"By Design"

Tracey Hillesheim-"Four Seasons"

Jason Jaspersen-"Fatigue"

Maida Jaspersen (student)-"Mountain Scene"

Maida Jaspersen (student)-"Pucha Pucha"

Nan Kaufenberg-"McCoy Flowerpots"

Nan Kaufenberg-"View From the Mailboxes"

Lisa Kral-"Red in Dewdrops"

Virginia La France-"Field of Monuments"

Margie Larson-"Desert Sun"

Margie Larson-"Fall on the Minnesota River"

Geri Leavens-"Morel Mushrooms"

Gert Martin-"Peek A Boo!"

Mary McClellan-"Meandering"

Hera Morschauser-"Remember the Date"

Justus Morschauser (student)-"Inner Workings"

June Newburg-"It's All About Jay"

Karen A. Peters-"Birds of the Knot-hole"

Karen A. Peters-"Seal Under Water"

Nancy A. Quam-"My Music"

Megan Rolloff-"Babies, Babies, Babies"

Deanne Romaine-"Summertime in the Forest"

Gwen Ruff-"Marshland"

Gwen Ruff-"Sibley County Duomo"

Ashlie Satre-"Gremlin Gizmo"

Jeff Schapekahm-"My Paradise"

Shari Schiltz-"Harley Man"

Nicholas Schleif-"BANG!"

Nicholas Schleif-"Putin on the Ritz"

Nicholas Schleif-"Tell Me About Your Mother"

Rosemary Shephard-"Autumn"

Rosemary Shephard-"Winter Sunrise"

Zach Swenson-Untitled

Gerry Tostenson-"Prairie at Minneopa State Park"

Reed White-"The Last Campaign"

Pearl Ziegenhagen-"Autumn Birches"



******Artist & Music Space Available******

The Grand Center for Arts & Culture (GCAC) is offering Studios to rent for artists seeking affordable space to create, The Music Practice room is rentable by the hour for music/voice lessons and an Art Education space for Classes & Workshops. Grand Center for Arts & Culture Page

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Past, Present & Future

Over 150 years old, The Grand Hotel is a beautiful, historic 3-story building located in downtown New Ulm. The first hotel in the city, the Grand (then known as the Minnesota Haus) was built in 1856 by Phillipp H. Gross.

The building has undergone many changes since then, including being converted into the Grand Kabaret, a entertainment bar showcasing live music.

The Grand also has an arts and culture center on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Grand Hotel. Once construction is completed we will provide a space for artists and the public to come together.

Stop by the Grand to see the building progress, and talk to staff about the project, or contact us at For more information on the Grand Hotel and New Ulm check out our Placeography.

Thank you for visiting us and stop by again soon!